How To Use Essential Oils


Essential oils are also called ethereal oils. They are natural oils from plants. They are mainly extracted by distillation by steam or cold pressing. For many years, essential oils have been used for medicinal purposes. Essential oils can also be used for non-medical purposes. The technique of using essential oils depend on the type of the oil and the purpose for using the oil.

Here are some of the techniques of using essential oils


You can use essential when bathing. This can be for medicinal purpose or pleasure. When using essential oil for bath, you need to be careful not to use an oil that is irritating to the skin or one that can cause skin itching. The ideal essential oil to be used in baths is lavender. Add water to the tub up to half the capacity. Add a few drops of the oil to the warm water. Swish the water thoroughly. Add more water up to the full to brim. Lock the bathroom doors to make sure the aroma from the oil does not disappear.

Chest rub and inhalation

Some oils have the medicinal quality of clearing and healing some respiratory diseases. Chest rub is a popular way among most people. For this technique, you soak a piece of cloth in the essential oil. The best way to apply this technique is by lying on your back and using a pillow to lift your head. Slowly rub the piece of cloth on your chest. Ensure that the oil diffuse in the skin. Inhalation can be direct inhalation or inhalation by steam. Direct inhalation is just inhaling the oil from a bottle or cloth. The bottle should have a small opening. Inhalation of steam involves putting a few drops of oil in steaming water in a bowl. Use a blanket to cover your head and inhale the steam from the bowl.

Internal application

Essential oils can be used internally in the body. This is done for medical purposes according to a doctor’s prescription. The application should be by a qualified physician. This type is used where the essential oil has the medicinal properties and can be only be applied directly to the affected organ. An essential oil should not be used internally unless under the prescription of the doctor.

Massage and direct application

aromatherapyleftasdfghjkOils can be applied directly to the skin. The most common way is to use the hands and rub the oil on the body. The oil later diffuses in the body and dry up. Alternatively, you can add a little flavor to it. The essential oil is useful during massage. This brings about a combination of advantages, pleasure and medicinal benefits. Be sure to use an oil that does not cause skin itching.

Those are a few techniques to use essential oils. The effectiveness of the essential oil will depend on the technique used. You should take advantage of medicinal benefits of the essential oil whichever way you use them.

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