Nutritional Benefits Of Oysters


Oysters are bivalve mollusk grown in marine. They have a hard shell on the outside that envelops a soft flesh. They are consumed all over the world and have a tender, juicy taste. You can eat them raw mixed with vinegar and lemon juice. Smoked, stir fried or grilled are other ways of consuming this delicacy. They are known for their delicacy and has been described an exotic cuisine.

Various nutritional benefits of oysters

Rich in proteinnutritionrightgsdhjfghj

Oysters are one of the best sources of protein. This protein is important in the development and repair of body tissues and muscles. They also play a vital role in developing the skin, nails as well as hair.Moreover, they have a high amino acid content and are low in fat hence provide lean muscles.

Combats anaemia

Besides being rich in protein, oysters are rich in iron which is important for in aiding oxygen supply to all body parts. They can help to increase your red blood cells count and hemoglobin. Research shows that one hundred grams of this food can give up to forty percent iron intake daily. This way it helps to prevent anemia.

Acts as an aphrodisiac

Consuming oysters can help boost your sex life. This is because they are loaded with zinc mineral. Zinc is known to increase both estrogen and testosterone hormone which are female and male sex hormones respectively. It is also associated with increasing the sperm count hence they help to better your sex life.

Rich in vitamin-B12

Oysters help in the production of DNA and energy in the body since it is a rich source of vitamin-B12. This vitamin also helps to keep your nerve and brain cells active which makes it a good solution for Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss. Moreover, this vitamin can restrict breast cancer. Consuming oysters is therefore important to your health and nutrition.

Heart friendly

nutritionleftxcghjklkjhgfBeing rich in omega -fatty acids, oysters can help reduce the bad cholesterol LDL nd triglyceride. By consuming oysters, therefore, you can avoid strokes that are caused by blocked arteries. This delicacy is also full of polyunsaturated fatty acids and monosaturated fatty acids which are good for your heart. Besides this, oysters contain magnesium and potassium that lower your blood pressure hence restricting heart diseases. Vitamin E is useful in protecting the cell membrane from damage since it is an antioxidant. They are rich in this vital vitamin thus making them heart friendly.

This dish is not just popular because of its flavor and delicacy. Today most people have realized these nutritional and health benefits of oysters and more people are consuming them.